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About Us

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Who Are We?

From a humble beginning, Universal Grocery is a family owned and operated company specializing in international food grocery located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Canada. Universal Grocery will provide affordable and varied multi-ethnic products while committed in serving the families with quality and variety of goods.

Building a united and inclusive grocery company where diverse backgrounds can come into one spot, Universal Grocery is there to bring value to customers and communities. It is our purpose to offer a unique shopping experience each time you visit while bringing food from all over the world.

Driven by the love of food and bringing customers together, Universal Grocery take pride in diversity and authenticity. We believe that food should be fun to explore and learn from. Without compromising tastes, we will provide affordable prices with quality in mind.

As our city continues to evolve in its enriched diversity in population, ethnic food should not be limited in a few aisles in our conventional grocery stores. Instead, we embrace multi-culturalism ensuring we do not dilute foods’ identities

Company Value

“Food to our family is not only means fuel necessary to live but it provides an opportunity for communal with others. Its a way to start conversation, for others to get to know their values, culture and connecting with other people“

~ Owner of Universal Grocery, 2022

Our Mission

Universal Grocery’s mission is to be an innovative leader in providing ethnic grocery products from all over the world with competitive and affordable prices

Our Beliefs

“Food should be accessible, affordable and inclusive”

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